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I remember when I was really nervous about spending hundreds of dollars on my first pair of well made scissors and my dad said to  me "Your work can only be as strong as your weakest tool." 

That has resonated with me ever since and I almost religiously live by the saying "Buy it nice or buy it twice."

I'm sharing with you a few of my own personal favorite tools, and I would love to hear what yours are too! DM me on Instagram and share them with me!

I feel kind of cult-y when it comes to YS Park combs. I literally won't use any other brand.


They are incredibly sturdy, create the perfect sections and partings and come in the most beautiful colors.


YS Park combs help me work quicker and more efficiently and I'm all about working smarter and not harder!

Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, YS Park combs, cesca chair





Holy cow! These paint brushes were such a game changer for me. 

These brushes help me cover a great amount of surface area in very little time. They give an instant blend and, despite the fact that they are larger brushes, they're not heavy and, in turn, glide very lightly and smoothly on the hair.

Choosing the proper tool for your balayage will make all the difference and these brushes have done exactly that for me!

Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, mizutani scissors, YS Park comb



These are the exact scissors I was referencing in my little story at the top of this page. Purchasing these scissors was such an eye opening experience for me. It was the first time I made a true investment in my career and boy was it worth it!

The better my tools work, the better I work. Having scissors that not only make cutting hair effortless and instant, but also stay sharp in between maintenance, has allowed me to keep my focus on what matters (like creativity and technical work) and not worry about how well my tools are functioning (because they are always working well!)

Okay. Listen. I've timed it. This blowdryer has cut down my blow-dry time by 25%.


I don't want to knock other brands, but I've tried so many other blowdryers at every single price point and this one is THE best. It's so powerful. Do I wish it was white instead of black? Maybe, but that's just my personal preference. It's incredible, just buy it. That's all.



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When I first started hair painting, this was the only brush I would use. Although I've grown a bit in my balayage knowledge and have moved on to bigger, more efficient brushes, I still come back to this little friend of mine when I'm in tiny, hard to reach spots.

It's the perfect brush for painting hairlines, especially in those challenging baby hair areas, and for blending out a transition area in your balayage when your bigger brushes aren't quite doing the job.

Even though this brush isn't my main squeeze anymore it's still a crucial part to my process!

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