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The app we all have a love/hate relationship with.

I'm sharing with you my five favorite apps for strategizing and curating your Instagram feed in hopes of making your relationship with Instagram a little less time consuming and a little more productive!


Canva is an awesome app and website for creating infographics and templates for your Instagram stories, IG feed, Facebook, your website, you name it!

You can create and save your brand colors to make sure everything stays cohesive. Canva provides hundreds of pre-made templates or you can create your own custom ones!



Have you ever taken an awesome photo and then you're bummed that the background is all grey or tan because of whatever lighting is at play that day? You probably need this app then!


Facetune's whitening tool (which is originally meant for whitening teeth) is awesome for whiting out backgrounds! (example: the left side of my screenshot vs the right side)

You can also whiten multiple times until you get it the brightness that you need!

Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, FaceTune App


Plann is a great app for when you want to get really nerdy on strategizing your feed. You can draft your feed ahead of time by uploading photos, rearranging them to your liking, drafting your captions and creating different hashtag buckets (so you don't need to type out 30 hashtags every time you post). You can also pre-plan your stories and check your analytics. There's SO many useful features on this app, it's a must-have!


4. unfold

This is a great app for when you want to combine words with your photos for your Instagram stories and still want it to look clean and organized or you don't want to cover your photos with your message.

They have several different free templates as well as templates to purchase. You can change the background colors and the fonts too!



I use Snapseed for two of it's tools: Selective and Healing.

Selective is great for when theres just one spot of your photo that needs to be brighter or darker and you don't want the entire image adjusted. Just click the area you want changed and it'll give you options to change to brightness, contrast, saturation or structure.

Healing is super useful for getting rid of small things like lint or a blemish on your clients face (they will appreciate you for that!)

Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, Snapseed App
Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, Snapseed App
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