Q + A

How can I book an appointment?

It's easy!

Just click this button below!

What are your prices?

You can find a list of all starting prices by clicking the button below!

What is your cancellation policy?

Haircuts require a 24 hour notice.


Color and treatment services

require a 48 hour notice


Deposits are nonrefundable if cancelled without proper notice.


No call no shows and appointments cancelled without proper notice will be charged a 50% rebooking fee.

Where can I park?

We have a small, shared parking lot just west of our salon.


Aviation Blvd has one hour parking (it rarely gets checked but park at your own risk.) 


The neighborhood behind the salon has time limit free parking, just be sure to check street sweeping signs.

What forms of payment do you prefer and accept?

I accept and prefer the following payments in this order:





Apple Pay


Cash App




Let's be real, when you're a small biz, everything besides credit card is the best (but of course I'm happy to take any form of payment)!

What days are you in the salon?

You can find that and all other salon specifics by clicking below!

Where is your salon located?

You can find our address + a map of the location by clicking below!

How much will my deposit be?

Deposits are only due for color and treatment services


They are due at the time you make your appointment.


Deposits are a minimum of $100


Major color corrections may require a larger deposit

Why don't I see men's services listed?

Ahh but you do, my friend!


I've made an effort to make my booking all gender and non-gender conforming friendly.


If you have any questions or suggestions on how I can improve this please let me know!

What products do you use?

The beautiful thing about being an independent stylist is that I don't have to stick to a house preferred brand.


I use many different products to make sure I can serve each specific client.


I've made a list below, but if you have questions on a specific brand just let me know!







Paul Mitchell



GK Smoothing Treatment


Johnny B

Tip Top