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Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, desert plant, red nails, pink jumpsuit, blonde har

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I'm Heather Vanhuss.

I'm an Arizona  desert girl posted up in Hermosa Beach, California doing hair, eating a lot of cookie dough and listening to true crime podcasts pretty much 24/7.


I'm a huge fan of constant growth through education and communication. You can frequently find me taking some sort of class to refine my skills, working on a new technique or just straight up laughing and having a good time with my team in the salon.

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   For some reason

all of my friends in high school allowed  me to cut their hair. Brave, brave souls. I remember using little kid scissors with rubber handles and razors, like the kind you shave your legs with, to get the job done. Oi vey. 


I wanted a cool, edgy haircut from a salon called Toni & Guy, but those were expensive and I was making $5.15/hr working at Subway in the mall so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

After graduating high school in 2008, I moved the 100 miles from Tucson to Phoenix and enrolled in hair school at the Toni & Guy Academy.

Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, YS Park combs, Mizutani Scissors, blonde girl

9 years

+ counting!

Actual sweat and a lot of tears

  from the beginning

of my hair career, the rhyme and reason behind what I was doing was important to me. I could have gone to any hair school, but it was important to me that I went to the one with best reputation for education, even if it was 100 miles away.

I finished the 1600 hours of schooling + working 30 hours a week at my retail job, in 11 months. I had no air conditioning in my car while living in the Arizona desert, but I lived with my  best friend and we were determined to finish our respective schooling and hit the road for California as soon as possible.

Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, Levi's denim jacket, mustard neck scarf, red lipstick
Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, blonde hair, red lipstick, dutch braid, cesca chair, vintage levi's, cream sweater

Golden Coast Girls

           I scored

my dream job of working at the same Toni & Guy Salon I once only wished I could get my hair done at. I moved through their assistant program 3x quicker than the average stylist and was on the floor in no time. But my itch for California was still very prevalent.

In 2011, I left my dream job with $1600 and another best friend and headed for the beach.

I spent 4 years at a busy salon in Hermosa Beach building my clientele and the last 3 as an independent stylist alongside 3 other badass independent hairdressers and 1 barber. We have an incredible team that I'm super proud of.

     Flash forward

and I have a sweet husband and three super funny and weird step-kids. You'll likely find me either on the couch with some tea reading a true crime novel, out dancing with my friends for as long as my knees will allow me to or working on my business from home.

I love going to the beach and pretending like I can surf, taking yoga classes, and baking treats for everyone (after I've eaten a good amount of the dough). I've become a little bit of a California cliche´.

My goal in life is to bring joy and share my knowledge, while learning and growing from everyone around me. If I can make your hair look good while doing all of that then I'll consider that a win for all of us. *high five*

Heather VanHuss, Hermosa Beach Hair Stylist, red lipstick, blonde hair, cream sweater, gold necklace, nose ring


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