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Heather VanHuss

I'm Heather VanHuss.

I'm an independent stylist + educator out of Hermosa Beach, California who will always wake up early for good surf just as long as I'm promised a proper nap and some tasty treats afterwards.

I've been livin' the good life of being self employed since 2016 and now I'm on a mission to help all of you fellow stylists who are ready to take the leap and come join me.

My goal? Eliminate the fear and mystery around going independent and replace it with an actionable, step by step plan.

Sound good to you too? Let's go!

Oh hey!

Heather VanHuss cutting hair

Are you ready to become
self employed...

But just a liiiiittle unsure of where to start?

I got you!

Free Class
Signature Program
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But if you're ready to get serious...

Say hello to your new bff and my signature program:

The Self Employed Stylist Blueprint.

Made for stylists who are more than ready to become independent but just want an exact step by step plan to get all the logistics of self employment in place.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the last 5+ years of building a successful business as a Self Employed Stylist and packaged it up into an easy A-Z blueprint so that you can get there faster than I ever did!

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Emma Findley


A few more
freebies for ya

Framar Foils and hairline lightening



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